Saturday, October 29, 2005



Winning in style and comprehensively has now become forte of Dravid. Many had criticized Dravid to be wall incapable of scoring quick runs. He has disproved the critics, by scoring a quick fire 85 at Nagpur. Others, considered Dravid as too very predictable and non-aggressive, which again was disproved with Pathan,s promotion, Shewag s early utilization as bowler to break partnership and introduction of debutant Shreesanth. Dravid s team once again proved their team work at Mohali, by inserting the opposition in. Many an experts viewed it as defensive move. Well it was cameo move considering the dew factor. Of course, dew factor had favoured Indians greatly in the last world cup match against England. It is the ability to take risk and make the series interesting. Ganguly messed up a life time opportunity, in Zimbabwe when he raised controversy against the coach. He claimed that he was totally physically fit and then recanted to tennis elbow injury. Again as a good team member he should have been watching his team members playing. He could have become a part of commentary team of Fourth Umpire and proved his sportiveness. Ganguly, if selected now only will create unionism in the Indian cricket team and destroy the secular structure and merit. Now the selectors have taken a safe strategy, by postponing the issue by not breaking the winning combination.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Bon Voyage ; We wish Pandurang, who is known popularly as the big bully all the success in his new ventures overseas. May allah bless with him plenty of air, liquid, and solid stuff. We don't want to see his SUMO size cut down.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Happy ( bull terrier) joins Brady's Life

After his 2 major break up with Lolla ( Rachel ) Brady adopts, Happy ( a bull terrier ) to join his life. Hopefully Happy will bring him all the happiness in his life. We wish them a long life together.


Earthquakes and Oil Exploration :

The demand for black gold has been rising and so is oil exploration all over the world. This naturally leads to emptying of earth s crust. The natural siesmic activity of check and balance is routinely being disturbed by extensive oil exploration. It is now more essential that a concrete earthquake prediction research is undertaken by oil industry which is responsible for disturbing the earths crust. Otherwise the world over earthquake frequency is bound to increase. One shudders to think if earthquake is combined with Tsunami continue to hit the land like the 26 December earth quake. One wonders ultimately, the greed for black gold is inviting frequency of earthquake of higher magnitude, which is responsible for massive destruction of life and property. I invite your comments on this premature theory.


Gandhi did not deserve a Nobel Prize?
Gandhiji was nominated thrice for Nobel peace award 1937, 1938, 1939 and 2 days before his death in 1948. Unfortunately, the NOBLE SOUL was denied the Noble prize because, it is not awarded to a person posthumously. The committee was worried with regard to whom the award would go actually in the event of his death, since Gandhiji had no property or heir who will succeed.
The critics who were opposed to the award said "He is undoubtedly a good, noble and ascetic person - a prominent man who is deservedly honoured and loved by the masses of India...(But) sharp turns in his policies, which can hardly be satisfactorily explained by his followers. He is a freedom fighter and a dictator, an idealist and a nationalist. He is frequently a Christ, but then, suddenly, an ordinary politician,"

Another critic said " "One might say that it is significant that his well-known struggle in South Africa was on behalf of the Indians only, and not of the blacks whose living conditions were even worse."

The argument that went against Gandhi in 1947 was that the Nobel Peace Prize had never been awarded for any struggle for independence.

Committee advisor Seip commented in his very favourable report that "Gandhi can only be compared to the founders of religions."

"However, Gandhi did not belong to an organisation, he left no property behind and no will; who should receive the prize money? The director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, August Schou, asked another of the Committee's advisers, lawyer Ole Torleif , to consider the practical consequences," writes Tennesson. The opinion was negative and the committee decided to make no award that year on the grounds that "there was no suitable living candidate". The qualifying clause is the closest the committee came to honour the 'great soul'.

Well Gandhiji never aspired for any award and today in India he is considered to be the "father of the nation." Please remember the world is still safe because of his "non voilence theory", otherwise we would have returned to the stonage with nuclear carnage. Gandhiji stated the gains from voilence is always temporary, but harm it causes is permanent.

Interestingly, blog spell check from Microsoft is suggesting replace " Gandhiji with candles " truely light has gone away from our lives.



Massive earthquake has hit pakistan, measuring a 7.6 reichter scale which is devastation. Preliminary reports of massive damage, in Uri sector, jallalabad, and afghan border. Srinagar, Rawalpindi has been also affected. We pray to allah and almighty let relief operations and recouping operations be swift. Let politics not come in between for rescue of grief strucken. Let Musharaff and Manmohan join hands to bring succor the affected.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Ganguly, has now mastered the game of cat and mouse. The prince, la maharaja, d bengal tiger, is now forced to accept that he is truely unfit physically. So one of the chappell s e mail question has been finally answered. Well he deserves six months rest to recover for this preliminary elbow syndrome. Please grant him this leave BCCI.
Now we look forward for the proof of his mental fitness to be shattered.


TAJ MAHAL - A symbol of ever lasting love built by emperor Shah Jehan
in memory of his queen Mumtaz mahal.

Recently Taj Mahal celebrated 350th anniversary. The celebration was almost a dampner considering the fact, no where it was well publicised or covered. Taj symbolises love, and it potential is enormous. First of all, a whole new outlook in terms of tourist friendly steps have to be undertaken to unleash the potential of Taj. It is strange that Taj is shut off to tourist by 6 pm. In winter it is earlier.

Some strange facts of Taj are it took 22 years to build with 22,000 artisans. It contains 22 minarates, with 22 steps and many other 22 numericals.


One of the best concept in the recent times to promote cricketing world has come as a dampner. First of the quality of broadcast was found wanting when compared to Channel Nine. Secondly, the players in Rest of the world team even though they are the best in their respective countries have all passed their prime. The motivating money factor is absent for them in this game. It is very clear that Lara, Dravid, Shewag, Pieterson, Kallis, Shoaib Aktar are over their prime, their physical fitness is a big question mark. Shewag enthusiastic made one dive for fielding and later just buckled and simply was out of sorts. Dravid s throwing arm was bad, indicating he has shoulder injury. Pieterson was having cramps in the first innings itself. Shoaib did not have any partisan crowd or back up. Kallis, the way he ran made other players nervous. Lara is just a shade of his former self, and whether he will last for next world cup is a million dollar question. If such a match was played in India it would have pulled huge crowd rather than in Australia. They should have obviously rotated the venue. It is a shame that sponsorers have not really backed the game. The advertisers and marketing organisation are just not interested in the game. What a wonderful opportunity to expose their advt. in the absence of any clutter. I think it is shame for marketers not to seize such golden opportunity. Posted by Picasa


Murder was one of the sexy bollywood movies in recent era, actors Imran Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat potrayed their parts well. Overall the locale, photography and direction was the moot point of the film. If one is interested in other sexy themes one has to see Utsav, central role potrayed by ever green Rekha. Another film is Choti si baath, climax scene is shot using a dubbed actress, so goes the claim but why not Manisha herself, who is rumoured to have so many flings. Zeher was okies, one particular scene only for viewers. Friends post your selection of sexy films in bollywood. Posted by Picasa

Sania - the golden girl in the indian tennis circuit, requires proper coaching and guidance. Now moot point is whether she can afford a good lady coach. A coach of the calibre of Martina navratilova, Billie Jean king, or Monica Seles would be ideal to hone her skills. Anybody listening. The mullahs are worried with what she is exposing guide her from the angle of improving her game, rather than forcing her to wear burkha. In turn she can promise to wear burkha when she retires, for the reprieve during her active tennis career. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

BOLLYWOOD BADSHAHS Well India is proudly the biggest film industry in the world termed as bollywood. Almost 2000 hindi movies are produced, 500 telegu movies, 400 odd tamil movies, 300 odd malayalam movies, 200 odd kannada, marathi, bengali movies, 100 odd gujarathi, oriya, bhojpuri and punjabi movies. In all 4000 odd movies are being produced. Imagine the employment generated directly and indirectly for the audio visual industry.
India has around 6000 theatres all across India. But majority of them are in a very badshape. Hopefully all these theatres will slowly turn out to be multiplexes in future with state of art facilities.

Song and dancing industry, itself should be employing around 2 lakh people including side artists, choreographers, dancers, cameramen, lighting boys, etc.

Stuntmen, around 5000 plus artists, who serve as duplicates or villians in the movies. They basically the bad men of the industry, may be in real life too, along with reel life. lol.

One of the best development is financing which has become transperant with stock markets supporting a corporate structure. The earlier goons are being cleaned up from the industry.

Now it is for the public to support this industry by flocking to the theatres. Enjoy the show. Posted by Picasa

MY FAMILY ( Photo edit undertaken vide photoshop )

Well this is complete family photograph resurrected except for my bros wife vishal (kid) sudesh ( brother ) armaan (kid) akila ( sister paris ) vasanthi ( wife ) radha ( mom ) krishna ( daddy ) umesh ( author of this blog ) jacques ( bill) emeuerey ( akila s eldest son ) Posted by Picasa

Diabetes a curse

well getting inflicted by diabetes, can be viewed as a curse. It is for sure a slow death one is hurtling towards. As a matter of precaution, we have to take medication, but we are not sure whether things are under control. The diet prescribed may not be very palatable. However life has to go on.


Cricket in india

The rich body of cricket is slowly destroying the game of the gentlemen. Well now politicians too have started entering the game for swindling the game out of its wealth. The fight between Saurav and Chappell is stage managed. Because both of them dont want to loose their sponsorers. Ganguly wants to hang on to the captaincy at any cost. Because he knows he can make at least another 100 crores out of his sponsorship. Dalmiya is not bothered whether his man becomes the president or not provided he makes his mega bucks. A classic statement in business is that you should be willing to sleep with your enemy too. Well, when zee offered such a big money 1500 crores for telecast right for cricket events next 4 years or so why it was not agreed upon. I think we can smell the rat here, because some other provider has given assurance to give underhand money instead of official fund to the board. The highest bidder should have got the telecast rights. Now let us forget the bygones.


1 Cricket telecast should not be monopoly, it should be telecasted by 2 broadcasters not single. With this we may have benefit of many more cameramen. Best telecast will pull the bucks for the channel.

2. Selectors should announce names of 24 players to represent Indian team, because there will be greater competition among players.

3. Never select players below 20 years of age, because we cannot afford to have another Parthiv Patel sort of debacle.

4 Select seperate teams for One day and Test cricket. Maximum 4 to 5 members can be common. Anybody commenting that he has overdose of cricket or schedule, he should be banned from cricket for 2 years. After all cricket has become a profession.

5. Ban players taking up sponsorship till they represent Indian team for 2 years. At least in this maner a player establishes credentials in the team, otherwise he will concentrate on money making.

6. Legitimise cricket betting in India. This will only make the game more exciting and it will provide employment to 1000 s. All the stadiums can be fully utilised for of course betting. Govt. can earn a huge revenue if cricket betting is made official. Why should cops be involved in probing and making a farce out of the entire episode. Cricket betting is legal in england and australia.

7. 50% of the BCCI should consist of cricket players and not just businessmen and politicians.

8. 10% of the contracted individual player sponsorship amount should be remitted to the BCCI for future development of the game, and upliftment of the downtrodden.



Some times, i wonder whether we are being dished out untrue story behind all major events. Take for example the moon landing, in 1969. There are innumerable inconsistencies. Even the arch rivals in the race Russians scorn or laugh over a vodka, stating that yankees have tricked the world with their hollywood studios special effects.
Next, take for example Diana 's death ( 8/31/96), whether it was faked or she has been given a decoy and hidden identity. Some reports say she is living in some tiny pacific Island with Dodi.
Take the World Trade Centre (9/11/01) , it is rumoured that it was bought down by a heavy blast. The twin towers, were quite well built to withstand earthquakes and the planes hitting them at such height should have only demolished half the building, but not entire building crashing down after more than 1 hour of the planes impact.
In case of WMD, too Iraq was targetted because, yankees had supplied them quite a huge quantity of ANTHRAX during the 1970 s to Saddam. It was obviously all used up during the IRAN IRAQ war, but US intelligence could never monitor them. Therefore IRAQ became again a target for which a fake anthrax threat was used a decoy. Of course, Saddam molestation of many foreigners cannot be pardoned.
Even Robert Kennedy s murder reeks of conspiracy, well can anyone believe a lone gun man Sirhan s could have eliminated Kennedy. His gun contained 8 bullets, and more than 12 bullets were accounted for. Including one unused bullet in his pocket. Poor Sirhan s was brainwashed thoroughly. Just because Kennedy had promised he would withdraw from Vietnam, he was eliminated.
Okalahamo bombing and TWA 800 disaster , all point out propaganda and deliberate dovetailing. These events have been created to suit the power corridors. All investigations are scuttled.

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