Thursday, October 06, 2005



Some times, i wonder whether we are being dished out untrue story behind all major events. Take for example the moon landing, in 1969. There are innumerable inconsistencies. Even the arch rivals in the race Russians scorn or laugh over a vodka, stating that yankees have tricked the world with their hollywood studios special effects.
Next, take for example Diana 's death ( 8/31/96), whether it was faked or she has been given a decoy and hidden identity. Some reports say she is living in some tiny pacific Island with Dodi.
Take the World Trade Centre (9/11/01) , it is rumoured that it was bought down by a heavy blast. The twin towers, were quite well built to withstand earthquakes and the planes hitting them at such height should have only demolished half the building, but not entire building crashing down after more than 1 hour of the planes impact.
In case of WMD, too Iraq was targetted because, yankees had supplied them quite a huge quantity of ANTHRAX during the 1970 s to Saddam. It was obviously all used up during the IRAN IRAQ war, but US intelligence could never monitor them. Therefore IRAQ became again a target for which a fake anthrax threat was used a decoy. Of course, Saddam molestation of many foreigners cannot be pardoned.
Even Robert Kennedy s murder reeks of conspiracy, well can anyone believe a lone gun man Sirhan s could have eliminated Kennedy. His gun contained 8 bullets, and more than 12 bullets were accounted for. Including one unused bullet in his pocket. Poor Sirhan s was brainwashed thoroughly. Just because Kennedy had promised he would withdraw from Vietnam, he was eliminated.
Okalahamo bombing and TWA 800 disaster , all point out propaganda and deliberate dovetailing. These events have been created to suit the power corridors. All investigations are scuttled.

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