Thursday, October 06, 2005

BOLLYWOOD BADSHAHS Well India is proudly the biggest film industry in the world termed as bollywood. Almost 2000 hindi movies are produced, 500 telegu movies, 400 odd tamil movies, 300 odd malayalam movies, 200 odd kannada, marathi, bengali movies, 100 odd gujarathi, oriya, bhojpuri and punjabi movies. In all 4000 odd movies are being produced. Imagine the employment generated directly and indirectly for the audio visual industry.
India has around 6000 theatres all across India. But majority of them are in a very badshape. Hopefully all these theatres will slowly turn out to be multiplexes in future with state of art facilities.

Song and dancing industry, itself should be employing around 2 lakh people including side artists, choreographers, dancers, cameramen, lighting boys, etc.

Stuntmen, around 5000 plus artists, who serve as duplicates or villians in the movies. They basically the bad men of the industry, may be in real life too, along with reel life. lol.

One of the best development is financing which has become transperant with stock markets supporting a corporate structure. The earlier goons are being cleaned up from the industry.

Now it is for the public to support this industry by flocking to the theatres. Enjoy the show. Posted by Picasa

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