Thursday, October 06, 2005


Cricket in india

The rich body of cricket is slowly destroying the game of the gentlemen. Well now politicians too have started entering the game for swindling the game out of its wealth. The fight between Saurav and Chappell is stage managed. Because both of them dont want to loose their sponsorers. Ganguly wants to hang on to the captaincy at any cost. Because he knows he can make at least another 100 crores out of his sponsorship. Dalmiya is not bothered whether his man becomes the president or not provided he makes his mega bucks. A classic statement in business is that you should be willing to sleep with your enemy too. Well, when zee offered such a big money 1500 crores for telecast right for cricket events next 4 years or so why it was not agreed upon. I think we can smell the rat here, because some other provider has given assurance to give underhand money instead of official fund to the board. The highest bidder should have got the telecast rights. Now let us forget the bygones.


1 Cricket telecast should not be monopoly, it should be telecasted by 2 broadcasters not single. With this we may have benefit of many more cameramen. Best telecast will pull the bucks for the channel.

2. Selectors should announce names of 24 players to represent Indian team, because there will be greater competition among players.

3. Never select players below 20 years of age, because we cannot afford to have another Parthiv Patel sort of debacle.

4 Select seperate teams for One day and Test cricket. Maximum 4 to 5 members can be common. Anybody commenting that he has overdose of cricket or schedule, he should be banned from cricket for 2 years. After all cricket has become a profession.

5. Ban players taking up sponsorship till they represent Indian team for 2 years. At least in this maner a player establishes credentials in the team, otherwise he will concentrate on money making.

6. Legitimise cricket betting in India. This will only make the game more exciting and it will provide employment to 1000 s. All the stadiums can be fully utilised for of course betting. Govt. can earn a huge revenue if cricket betting is made official. Why should cops be involved in probing and making a farce out of the entire episode. Cricket betting is legal in england and australia.

7. 50% of the BCCI should consist of cricket players and not just businessmen and politicians.

8. 10% of the contracted individual player sponsorship amount should be remitted to the BCCI for future development of the game, and upliftment of the downtrodden.

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