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Gandhi did not deserve a Nobel Prize?
Gandhiji was nominated thrice for Nobel peace award 1937, 1938, 1939 and 2 days before his death in 1948. Unfortunately, the NOBLE SOUL was denied the Noble prize because, it is not awarded to a person posthumously. The committee was worried with regard to whom the award would go actually in the event of his death, since Gandhiji had no property or heir who will succeed.
The critics who were opposed to the award said "He is undoubtedly a good, noble and ascetic person - a prominent man who is deservedly honoured and loved by the masses of India...(But) sharp turns in his policies, which can hardly be satisfactorily explained by his followers. He is a freedom fighter and a dictator, an idealist and a nationalist. He is frequently a Christ, but then, suddenly, an ordinary politician,"

Another critic said " "One might say that it is significant that his well-known struggle in South Africa was on behalf of the Indians only, and not of the blacks whose living conditions were even worse."

The argument that went against Gandhi in 1947 was that the Nobel Peace Prize had never been awarded for any struggle for independence.

Committee advisor Seip commented in his very favourable report that "Gandhi can only be compared to the founders of religions."

"However, Gandhi did not belong to an organisation, he left no property behind and no will; who should receive the prize money? The director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, August Schou, asked another of the Committee's advisers, lawyer Ole Torleif , to consider the practical consequences," writes Tennesson. The opinion was negative and the committee decided to make no award that year on the grounds that "there was no suitable living candidate". The qualifying clause is the closest the committee came to honour the 'great soul'.

Well Gandhiji never aspired for any award and today in India he is considered to be the "father of the nation." Please remember the world is still safe because of his "non voilence theory", otherwise we would have returned to the stonage with nuclear carnage. Gandhiji stated the gains from voilence is always temporary, but harm it causes is permanent.

Interestingly, blog spell check from Microsoft is suggesting replace " Gandhiji with candles " truely light has gone away from our lives.

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