Saturday, October 29, 2005



Winning in style and comprehensively has now become forte of Dravid. Many had criticized Dravid to be wall incapable of scoring quick runs. He has disproved the critics, by scoring a quick fire 85 at Nagpur. Others, considered Dravid as too very predictable and non-aggressive, which again was disproved with Pathan,s promotion, Shewag s early utilization as bowler to break partnership and introduction of debutant Shreesanth. Dravid s team once again proved their team work at Mohali, by inserting the opposition in. Many an experts viewed it as defensive move. Well it was cameo move considering the dew factor. Of course, dew factor had favoured Indians greatly in the last world cup match against England. It is the ability to take risk and make the series interesting. Ganguly messed up a life time opportunity, in Zimbabwe when he raised controversy against the coach. He claimed that he was totally physically fit and then recanted to tennis elbow injury. Again as a good team member he should have been watching his team members playing. He could have become a part of commentary team of Fourth Umpire and proved his sportiveness. Ganguly, if selected now only will create unionism in the Indian cricket team and destroy the secular structure and merit. Now the selectors have taken a safe strategy, by postponing the issue by not breaking the winning combination.

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