Friday, October 07, 2005


One of the best concept in the recent times to promote cricketing world has come as a dampner. First of the quality of broadcast was found wanting when compared to Channel Nine. Secondly, the players in Rest of the world team even though they are the best in their respective countries have all passed their prime. The motivating money factor is absent for them in this game. It is very clear that Lara, Dravid, Shewag, Pieterson, Kallis, Shoaib Aktar are over their prime, their physical fitness is a big question mark. Shewag enthusiastic made one dive for fielding and later just buckled and simply was out of sorts. Dravid s throwing arm was bad, indicating he has shoulder injury. Pieterson was having cramps in the first innings itself. Shoaib did not have any partisan crowd or back up. Kallis, the way he ran made other players nervous. Lara is just a shade of his former self, and whether he will last for next world cup is a million dollar question. If such a match was played in India it would have pulled huge crowd rather than in Australia. They should have obviously rotated the venue. It is a shame that sponsorers have not really backed the game. The advertisers and marketing organisation are just not interested in the game. What a wonderful opportunity to expose their advt. in the absence of any clutter. I think it is shame for marketers not to seize such golden opportunity. Posted by Picasa

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