Friday, November 18, 2005


After Tsunami s Recovery Process : The best laid plans can go awry. We undertook a trip to andaman islands from 6th Nov upto 12th Nov2005. The most important part of the trip was the lurking fear of earthquakes and cyclonic storms. It is really appreciable that people who were affected by the giant tidal waves were mostly residing, unauthorised at Nicobar islands. The tribals heeded to the warning of the nature and moved into the hills where the effect of waves were minimum.

We were lucky to meet some of the survivors of the Tsunami, one boy Shine who was enterprising, to the extent that he had saved up more than 3 lakhs for the family dealing with DVD s. He had a miraculous escape from the Tsunami wave, first time he jumped on to a building, after the first wave he came down thinking the effect was over. Second, time he saw the wave thundering and he managed to climb a pine tree. The tree was fiercely rocking and the second wave subsided, but he still hung on anticipating 3 rd wave which did come with ferocity, it wiped clean all remanents of the civilization on the shore, and Shine escaped with pine tree saving his life.

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